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MessagePosté: 27 Juil 2007, 22:56
de pierre
Devant mon manque de temps actuel et le fait que je vais partir en vacances durant Août, la fiche Spyware Terminator est, pour l'instant, retirée. L'étude reprendra en septembre.

In front of my lack of time and the fact that I will be on holidays during August, the card Spyware Terminator, for the moment, is withdrawn. The study will go on in September

MessagePosté: 15 Oct 2007, 15:00
de Tokar
What is the status, pierre? It is now October.

MessagePosté: 21 Déc 2007, 17:34
de Tokar
Pierre, the listing is back up. I thought this was solved and removed. Why is it back up? ... nator.html

A question about Spyware Terminator

MessagePosté: 25 Déc 2008, 02:05
de rita_v21

i have installed Vista yesterday and today i have intalled my old programs from XP. I can not install Spyware Terminator (i have downloaded from here (link removed) becasue its saying "Error on loading DLL".

Do you know if i need other version to work for Vista Business ?

MessagePosté: 27 Mai 2009, 11:06
de company
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MessagePosté: 28 Mai 2009, 00:21
de nickW

Bizarre, mais l'adresse IP d'où a été envoyé le message précédent est située au Vietnam.

Qui est donc company?


MessagePosté: 05 Mai 2010, 06:32
de pritty
Message incongru: supprimé!