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MessagePosté: 08 Juil 2007, 01:32
de Horus Agressor
Bonjour !
Bonsoir, bien que ce soit un logiciel de sécurité, j'ai pensé poser ma question ici; car il me semble avoir un problème de fonctionnement.J'ai désinstallé spyware terminator. Mais mon problème demeure.
Quand je fais une recherche sur la barre principale de firefox en inscrivant que "zébulon" sans www ni fr, il m'apparait un logo "crawler" que je n'arrive pas à supprimer. Voici l'image:...


MessagePosté: 08 Juil 2007, 14:10
de Tokar
Horus Agressor a écrit:Bonjour !
Bonsoir, bien que ce soit un logiciel de sécurité, j'ai pensé poser ma question ici; car il me semble avoir un problème de fonctionnement.J'ai désinstallé spyware terminator. Mais mon problème demeure.
Quand je fais une recherche sur la barre principale de firefox en inscrivant que "zébulon" sans www ni fr, il m'apparait un logo "crawler" que je n'arrive pas à supprimer. Voici l'image:...
ça casse la baraque ce genre de truc, non ? :Mouaaarrrrffffffff:


I did a bit of translation with Google Translate...

Im guessing the problem is that after uninstallation of Crawler Toolbar, Crawler Search remains as the default search engine for Firefox?

Our Firefox version of Crawler Toolbar is very unpolished and rather new. I will bring up this issue internally to be fixed.

MessagePosté: 08 Juil 2007, 17:27
de ipl
Hi Tokar, pierre, MacPeter, Horus Agressor, hi everyone,

Tokar, thanks again for your clear explanations!

Of course, I let pierre respond to your lines!

I just want to tell you that as a Security Admin at Zebulon and given the "complaint against Zebulon" posted on your forum, I will investigate seriously and make a decision regarding what was written and who wrote the harsh and nasty words (at Zeb').

MessagePosté: 08 Juil 2007, 18:37
de Tokar
Most of the posts seem to be in relation to the incorrect information posted on the Craptheque page on

So I hope to resolve the issue here in a timely manner as well :).

MessagePosté: 08 Juil 2007, 20:48
de MacPeter
Hi Tokar, pierre, ipl, Horus Agressor, hi everyone,

Still following.

MessagePosté: 08 Juil 2007, 21:42
de Tokar
I beg to differ.

Not many freeware applications provide the realtime protection that Spyware Terminator provides.

Spyware Terminator provides three levels of protection:
1) Basic antispyware protection at the application level - protection of internet browser settings, basic windows settings, basic internet settings.
2) Advanced, kernel level, ring0 protection - the HIPS protection is provided at the kernel level through a system driver. HIPS provides behavioral protection against installation of malware, but I am sure you understand HIPS with your background.
3) AntiVirus protection - users can choose to integrate ClamAV antivirus to protect against viruses in realtime.

You obviously can find the realtime antivirus protection in many software titles like Kaspersky, Symantec Norton, McAfee, however they are commercial software titles. Spyware Terminator and ClamAV are free. I am aware that Avast! and AVG are freeware antivirus applications that include realtime protection. I am unable to comment on their abilities since I have never used them extensively. And, I only see the professional versions of those programs in independent testing.

The ring0, HIPS protection, is something you rarely find in full unlimited form in free applications. People who will pay for it will probably find a suitable commercial application (ProcessGuard, SSM, AntiHook, AppDefend, PrevX, Cyberhawk, SafenSec, etc.), I do not doubt, but we are targeting the market of users who want free programs, and the list of full-featured freeware HIPS products is short, besides the fact that the freeware versions of commercial products are usually feature limited (ProcessGuard, SSM, AnitHook, CyberHawk, etc.).

The basic antispyware realtime protection (at the application layer) is something you rarely find in freeware applications. I do not disagree that commercial applications have this (SpySweeper, Spyware Doctor, CounterSpy, etc.), but again, we are focusing on the market of users who want a free application. And the list of applications which provide this kind of protection for free is short, also note that the most of the programs I know to include this feature that are free are not updated as often as Spyware Terminator. SpyBot was last updated 1-1.5 years ago, and the current beta has been in beta for 6 months. SpyBot provides its protection as a separate program (TeaTimer) where as Spyware Terminator's solution is integrated and does not require a separate install.

Also something you rarely find in freeware applications is automatic updates. Spyware Terminator offers unlimited application and database updates, and offers the ability to apply them automatically.

If you dont mind, I wish to do a quick comparison of freeware antispyware applications:
Spyware Terminator - ring0 and ring3 protection, and optional antivirus protection. Offers automatic updates.
Ad-Aware - free version includes no protection and does not offer automatic updates. No antivirus available.
SuperAntiSpyware - free version includes no protection and does not offer automatic updates. No antivirus available.
Spyware Doctor Starter Edition - this version provides very limited ring3 protection. No antivirus option available. It does provide automatic updates.
SpyBot - provides no ring0 protection, no antivirus option, and no automatic updates. Only ring3 protection is offered.
SpyDefense - product has been abandoned. Offered no protection, and no optional antivirus. Automatic updates were offered but database is not updated anymore.
Windows Defender - provides no ring0 protection and no antivirus option. Automatic updates and ring3 protection is offered.
Comodo AntiViruspyware - provides no ring0 protection and no antivirus option. Automatic updates and ring3 protection is offered.

That is pretty much the list of popular freeware antispyware applications. There is a long list of other freeware applications, but they are nowhere near as notable as the ones above.

The best freeware spyware removers cant claim to have excellent spyware prevention systems, while the best spyware prevention systems cant claim to have excellent spyware removal systems. Spyware Terminator has both, for free.

So Im not sure why you said it is useless, or "nullware".

If you are a person who prefers to pay for protection, then all the more power to you. But there are a lot of people who dont want to pay and that is where Spyware Terminator comes in, and we don't consider our software as "nullware".

MessagePosté: 09 Juil 2007, 00:08
de pierre
Bonjour / Hello,


Comme je l'ai dit, je suis très occupé et je dois trouver du temps et du calme pour lire et comprendre ceci. Je fais de multiples déplacements et j'ai beaucoup de monde autour de moi ce qui m'empêche de m'isoler et de me concentrer.

Je n'admet pas les attaques personnelles dans aucun des fils de discussions de mes forums, ni les railleries, ni les attaques contre un logiciel non justifiées et étayées.

Vous me faciliteriez le travail en épluchant les moyens de défense présentés ou en analysant le comportement d'un logiciel plutôt que d'avoir des réactions épidermiques.



As I say, I am very busy and I must find time and calm to read and understand this. I make multiple displacements and I have many people around me what prevents me from insulating and concentrate.

I do not admits personal attacks in any thread of my boards, neither the mocking remarks, nor the attacks against a software not justified and supported.

You would facilitate my work by peeling the means of defence presented or by analysing the behaviour of a software rather than having nervous reactions.


MessagePosté: 10 Juil 2007, 16:59
de Tokar
Spyware Terminator 2.0 beta has been officially released: ... sts&t=2126

Please take into consideration this new version when performing your review.

MessagePosté: 10 Juil 2007, 19:30
de ADSLgratuit

A question to Tokar:
what's the utility of the crawler toolbar exactly ?
What are the utilities for everybody ?
And what is the exact rule for the editor ?

A quoi sert la crawler toolbar exactement ?
Quelles sont ses fonctions utiles pour l'utilisateur lambda ?
Quelles sont ses actions exactes pour la société éditrice ?

Je souhaite une réponse précise et détaillée.
I need a precise and detailled ask.

....and is it possible to show the sources of the crawler toolbar to Pierre, the administrator of ASSISTE.COM. Perhaps, it will be a solution to reexamine the presence of Spyware terminator in the crapware section....


thanks Tokar.

MessagePosté: 11 Juil 2007, 01:24
de Tokar
1) A quoi sert la crawler toolbar exactement ? (What is the Crawler toolbar exactly used for?)

It is used as a means for us to make money easier. Sure, we could attempt to operate without a toolbar and hope word of mouth helps spread use of search portal, but word and popularity spreads faster with toolbars.

We operate similar to Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL,, Lycos,, etc. Our money comes from using our search engine, just like Google's main source of revenue is use of their search engine. The Crawler toolbar has the same intents as Google Toolbar, Yahoo! Toolbar, etc. Research would probably show that people prefer to use a toolbar instead of using the search engine webpage (in other words, Google Toolbar instead of, Yahoo! Toolbar instead of, etc.). Being in a market with several other search engines who have their own toolbars, it is only smart to have our own toolbar which searches our search engine so that our search engine is on a level playing field with all the others. However it should be noted that our toolbar searches Crawler AND Google, Yahoo!, MSN and

2) Quelles sont ses fonctions utiles pour l'utilisateur lambda? (What are its helpful functions for a beginner?)

The majority of what Crawler Toolbar 4.5 offers is available in Crawler Toolbar 5.0, and has been upgraded. I will point out which items are specifically part of the new Crawler Toolbar 5.0.

---(Crawler Toolbar 5.0 only) The "Quick Search" feature offers a useful, bigger and clearer "find text" tool for finding text on a webpage. It is meant to be a replacement of the Internet Explorer CTRL-F/F3 window.

---(Crawler Toolbar 5.0 only) Our search box changes its size to accomodate longer search strings - users will be able to see more of their search strings without scrolling the text.

---(Crawler Toolbar 5.0 only) Beginners should enjoy our redesigned settings window. Our setting have been made easier to navigate, and are made more clear. We have also made it harder for beginners to mess up Crawler settings by strategically placing settings in different areas of the settings. We knew our settings window from Crawler Toolbar 4.5 was a liability because it was hard to navigate and could sometimes be an annoyance.

When comparing our settings window to other toolbars, we find our settings window to be much clearer and easier to navigate.

---Beginners will benefit from our plugin system which allows control of all of our software by Crawler Toolbar. Some beginners do not know how to operate or know the "System Tray". Our plugin system will make sure users never have to deal with the "System Tray".

---The majority of internet users have a clear idea where they want to go for services such as a Dictionary, Thesaurus, Maps, etc. We have provided links to major services of these types to cater to beginner users who would otherwise not know where to go. Yes, advanced users might find use out of these links, but I believe these were designed with the beginner in mind.

Also be aware that these links are not for services we develop in-house, like some "bad" toolbars would use. The links are to well known, trusted services in each category (see below):

"People search" leads to
"Travel info" leads to
"Shopping" leads to
"Dictionary" leads to
"Groups" leads to

---We provide users the choice of search engine. Some users come onto the internet after watching their favorite television channel and maybe hear the term "Google" or "Yahoo!". Instead of forcing users to use search engine, we allow users to search Google, Yahoo!, MSN or I will ask the developers to maybe add a few more search engines (AOL, Lycos, Excite, Altavista, etc.). Changing search engines in Crawler Toolbar is very easy, and even beginners should have no issue finding it. If I was giving Crawler Toolbar to my mom, she probably would not be able to find it, but she would not know the difference between search engines, anyway. This is a feature for all users who know the difference and was developed with the beginner in mind. (Compare this to the Internet Explorer 7 search bar, which requires you have a bit of knowledge to add more search engines).

....Crawler Toolbar obviously has a lot more features, but I would not recommend them to a beginner just starting with toolbars as they require some technical knowledge.

3) Quelles sont ses actions exactes pour la société éditrice? (What are its exact actions for the editor?)

I am sorry, but I do not understand the question.

Could you please rephrase? You may write your question in French. MacPeter and ipl_001 can help with the translation.