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All tabs helper (add-on Firefox)

Messagede pierre » 11 Juin 2019, 20:38

All tabs helper est un add-on à Firefox pour assister les utilisateurs de nombreux onglets

Sincèrement, je l'utilise sans cesse et ne saurais m'en passer. Je m'étonne même que la Fondation Mozilla ne prenne pas cette extension à son compte.

All tabs helper passe en version 1.1.13

Major update since the last notification
Please read below for subsequent updates since the last notification.
Version 1.1.13 Update
Updated tab title/url filtering algorithm, which allows more flexibility in filtering. Keywords do not have to be in any particular order. Also, matches in url and title can be mixed. This allows user eg., to search for certain terms in the title, while restricting to a certain domain. A tab will match only if all terms are found somewhere in either the url or title.
When using multi windows mode*, window lists are now sorted lexicographically.
*Note that multi windows feature is experimental and is not supported.
Previous Updates
(See ... /versions/ for a complete list)
Version 1.1.12 Update
Changed minimum setting on Mac hidden scrollbar accommodation option to 3px.
Version 1.1.11 Update
Fixed bug affecting dispay of UI in multi-window mode.
(Note: multi-window mode is experimental and currently unsupported.)
Version 1.1.10 Update
Fixed bug caused by previous update when full view window did not display properly.
Version 1.1.9 Update
Added (experimental) option for OS X users using hidden scrollbars, where margin space can be added to the right of menuitem closebuttons. Used for cases where OS X hidden scrollbars obscure closebuttons when trying to click.
Implemented some improvements in tab icon handling.
Fixed bug which caused certain icons to flicker in some cases.
(Note: there is still a bug where in certain cases loading a new url in a tab can continue to display the old url's favicon, if the new url does not have a favicon. Limitations in Firefox's tab update notification implementation have made it difficult to work around this.)
Version 1.1.8 Update
Fixed bug introduced with pseudo-scroll API update which disabled hover scrolling.
Version 1.1.7 Update
Fixed bug which caused menuitems to not be updated properly in some cases.
Implemented improvements in tabs updating listener for better efficiency.
Version 1.1.6 Update
Fixed bug which sometimes caused discrepancy in syncing menuitem display with tab properties updates, such as titles and icons.
Version 1.1.5 Update
Fixed bug in pseudo-scroll API causing menu to scroll to top after tab actions.
Implemented changes in code for menu updating to improve performance.
No Version 1.1.4
Version 1.1.3 Update
Re-instated pseudo-scroll API restructuring of Version 1.1.1, after fixing the bugs which which were causing the popup menu to not display correctly, and causing "Larger text" option to not display correctly.
Fixed bugs which prevented menu update throttling from working properly.
Pierre (aka Terdef)
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