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Re: Thunderbird

... in case of problems. System Requirements: • Window: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later • Mac: Mac OS X 10.9 or later • Linux: GTK+ 3.4 or ... be updated to use a different certificate. If Thunderbird displays an error message which states that an additional policy constraint has failed, ...
de pierre
14 Avr 2020, 15:30
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: Thunderbird
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Re: Liens hypertextes copiés ne fonctionnent plus

... par Microsoft : https://docs.microsoft.com/fr-fr/office/troubleshoot/error-messages/cannot-locate-server-when-click-hyperlink?irgwc=1&OCID=AID2000142_aff_7794_1246483&tduid=(ir__nkvsfpu9sckftxgzkk0sohz3x32xlccpstvd39ob00)(7794)(1246483)(%286836dbbf8c9de682c4e5b4ba65018075%29%28266696%29%282142931%29%280m00up5g24g8%29%28%29)(6836dbbf8c9de682c4e5b4ba65018075)&irclickid=_nkvsfpu9sckftxgzkk0sohz3x32xlccpstvd39ob00 ...
de Claude415
02 Mar 2020, 14:44
Forums: Internet (tous navigateurs - navigation) et moi
Sujet: [OK] Liens hypertextes copiés ne fonctionnent plus
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Re: Should I Build Email List?

... is valid (really exists) without sending a message or waiting for an error message from the server. Of course, these applications support mass sending. Regards, Bonjour et bienvenue, ...
de pierre
02 Déc 2019, 12:02
Forums: Comment
Sujet: Should I Build Email List?
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Re: Logithèque: Nouvelles versions

... memory and used. References Bug 1515342 #CVE-2019-11715: HTML parsing error can contribute to content XSS Reporter Linus Särud Impact moderate ... of any files stored in these directories and they may uploaded to a server. Luigi Gubello demonstrated that in combination with a popular Android ...
de pierre
08 Sep 2019, 19:15
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: Logithèque: Nouvelles versions
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Re: Privacy Badger

... the Manage Data tab on the options page. * Added saving of in-progress error reports so that you no longer lose your typing when you close the popup ... popup when already on tutorial page * Removed "Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension" messages in Chrome and Opera ...
de pierre
12 Déc 2018, 23:00
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: Privacy Badger
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Re: NTRegOpt

... the confirmation of the restore folder deletion if it exists, or any error messages. The confirmation question can be suppressed by using /noconfirmdelete ... On supported operating systems (including Windows XP and Server 2003) ERUNT by default uses a very fast backup algorithm. If you experience ...
de pierre
23 Oct 2018, 19:36
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: NTRegOpt
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Windows OS Build 10586.1106 (12.09.17)

... Concernés : Windows 10 version 1703 Windows 10 version 1607 et Windows Server 2016 Windows 10 version 1511 Windows 10 (version initiale publiée ... with a disabled user account in the CA management console fails. The error is "The user name or password is incorrect. 0x8007052e (WIN32: ...
de pierre
12 Sep 2017, 19:52
Forums: Alertes
Sujet: Windows OS Build 10586.1106 (12.09.17)
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Multiples vulnérabilités dans ISC BIND (16.06.17)

... DNS pour UNIX. Ils l'appellent BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain Server). En 1985, Kevin Dunlap de DEC, révise sensiblement la mise en œuvre ... 14 juin 2017 https://kb.isc.org/article/AA-01495/74/CVE-2017-3140%3A-An-error-processing-RPZ-rules-can-cause-named-to-loop-endlessly-after-handling-a-query.html ...
de pierre
17 Juin 2017, 11:34
Forums: Alertes
Sujet: Multiples vulnérabilités dans ISC BIND (16.06.17)
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windows update de XP ne connecte plus !?!

... Erreur 12157 lors de la connexion à http://www.microsoft.com : An error occurred in the secure channel support warn HTTPS: Erreur 12029 lors de la connexion à http://www.passport.net : A connection with the server could not be established warn FTP (passif): Erreur 12031 lors de la ...
de rytzt
26 Mai 2017, 14:29
Forums: Alertes
Sujet: windows update de XP ne connecte plus !?!
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Code HTTP (Code d'état HTTP - HTTP Status code) 520

" Code HTTP (Code d'état HTTP - HTTP Status code) 520 (Web server is returning an unknown error) L'erreur 520 est utilisé en tant que réponse générique lorsque le serveur d'origine retourne ...
de pierre
08 Fév 2017, 13:20
Forums: Codes HTTP (Code d'état HTTP, HTTP Status code, code erreur HTTP)
Sujet: Code HTTP (Code d'état HTTP - HTTP Status code) 520
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