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Re: NTRegOpt

... up only as part of the bloated and resource hogging System Restore program which cannot even be used for a "restore" should a corrupted ... is left. Note: The "Export registry" function in Regedit is USELESS (!) for making a complete backup of the registry. Neither does it ...
de pierre
23 Oct 2018, 19:36
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Sujet: NTRegOpt
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... en Crapware . Les « inutilitaires » sont également appelés « USP (USeless Program) » ou « programme superflu » ou, en anglais, « Superfluous software » ou encore « Uselessware ...
de pierre
25 Juin 2016, 11:26
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... them extensively. And, I only see the professional versions of those programs in independent testing. The ring0, HIPS protection, is something ... Terminator has both, for free. So Im not sure why you said it is useless, or "nullware". If you are a person who prefers to pay ...
de Tokar
08 Juil 2007, 21:42
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Sujet: Discuss Spyware Terminator listing
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... (RogueRemover) pour suggérer de le placer en PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) sur la base de ma mailing-list publique à http://assiste.com.free.fr/p/antivirus_gratuits_en_ligne/envoyer_un_echantillon_par_email_a_l_analyse.html. ... one of the ways Not! They change also file name (random names!). It is useless ...
de pierre
24 Juin 2007, 12:46
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[Info] De quoi vous plaignez-vous? Un record absolu!

... it will remain stable). I ahve had problems with popnav and other ad programs before and have since downloaded AdAware 6.0 and Spybot. Neither ... to impossible to run more than one program at a time. My computer is useless with this stuff on it! Thanks! # Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2 Scan ...
de Vazkor
11 Fév 2005, 19:39
Forums: Sécurité (Contamination - Décontamination)
Sujet: [Info] De quoi vous plaignez-vous? Un record absolu!
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