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Re: win 10 ne voit plus mon Canon 600D

... [DestinationDirs] MTP.Files.XPRT_USB = 11 MTP.Files.XPRT_IP = 11 MTP.Files.XPRT_BT = 11 MTP.Files.Core = 11 MTP.Files.UMDFDDriver = 12,UMDF ; copy to system32\drivers\umdf [Manufacturer] %GenericMfg%=Generic,NTamd64 [Generic.NTamd64] %GenericMTP.DeviceDesc%=MTP, USB\MS_COMP_MTP %GenericMTP.DeviceDesc%=MTP, ...
de pierre
17 Mar 2019, 00:29
Forums: Ma config (ordinateur, système, applications...) et moi
Sujet: win 10 ne voit plus mon Canon 600D
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Re: Services Windows - Réglages recommandés

Ha, effectivement ça fonctionne..., par contre cette année y a du changement. "Copyright (2019+) As of January 1, 2019, I no longer claim copyright on my content. All content hosted on BlackViper.com (not YouTube/Mixer/etc…) that I am authorized to do so is released into the Public Domain. ...
de Tourix
07 Fév 2019, 19:05
Forums: Comment
Sujet: Services Windows - Réglages recommandés
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Re: Privacy Badger

... lancement : Changes for Privacy Badger ==================================== ## 2018.12.5 * Added a Share button to the popup. This lets you easily copy and paste Badger's findings on any page. * Updated link protection to work on all Google Search country domains * Updated link protection on Facebook ...
de pierre
12 Déc 2018, 23:00
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: Privacy Badger
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Re: NTRegOpt

... the files SYSTEM.DAT and USER.DAT (and CLASSES.DAT in Windows Me). To backup these files, one can easily go to the Windows folder in Explorer and copy the files to a safe location, for example another folder on the hard disk. Microsoft even supplies a utility called ERU which can be used to backup ...
de pierre
23 Oct 2018, 19:36
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: NTRegOpt
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Re: Firefox

... Off-Main-Thread Painting (OMTP) Loading pages faster by changing how Firefox caches and retrieves JavaScript Improvements to Firefox Screenshots: Copy and paste screenshots directly to your clipboard Firefox Screenshots now works in Private Browsing mode Added Nepali (ne-NP) locale In case you ...
de pierre
25 Jan 2018, 03:32
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: Firefox
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Re: Notepad++

... Auto-completion enhancement: remove unwanted symbols {} for variable names. Add auto-completion for BaanC & CoffeeScript. Fix localization copy regression in Installer. Included plugins: NppExport v0.2.8 (32-bit x86 only). Converter 4.2.1. Mime Tool 2.1. DSpellCheck 1.3.5. Updater (Installer ...
de pierre
04 Jan 2018, 15:07
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: Notepad++
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Re: Vuze

... purposes [Parg] FEATURE: Core | Support some alternative chats [Parg] FEATURE: Core | Torrent location support for initial save location and copy-on-complete [Parg] FEATURE: Core | Added json import [Parg] FEATURE: Core | I2P: install on attempted dns resolution [Parg] CHANGE: UI | Remove ...
de pierre
03 Nov 2017, 11:36
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: Vuze
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Re: Désintaller les produits Norton (Symantec)

Bonsoir j'ai un problème avec CleanWipe il ne fonctionne pas et je suis sous W10 quand je l'ouvre il me marque fatal error:Could not copy file C:\Users\Farid\Desktop\CleanWipe.db to C:\Windows\Temp\CleanWipe_201612201734280\CleanWipeState.db.Pourriez vous m'aider à comprendre ce qu'il ne ...
20 Déc 2016, 17:47
Forums: Logiciels (tous logiciels) et moi
Sujet: Désintaller les produits Norton (Symantec)
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eMail piégé - ATTENTION URGENT - Crytical Security Update

... cyber attackers to access your private files! Since this update is extremely critical, we encourage you to download and run the update for your copy of Microsoft Windows immediately! Click for instant Download and Update now! Later on, if you turn on automatic updating, updates will be downloaded ...
de pierre
18 Mai 2016, 09:33
Forums: Alertes
Sujet: eMail piégé - ATTENTION URGENT - Crytical Security Update
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Remove Google Tracking

Bonjour, il faut toujours l'utiliser l'extension Remove Google Tracking ? Et comment voir une redirection de tracking de Google ?

Aussi, il y a une deuxième extension Remove Google Tracking for Copy
https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/a ... g-for-cop/

Bonne journée
de Tourix
25 Déc 2015, 12:07
Forums: Logithèque
Sujet: Remove Google Tracking
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